Using visual storytelling, mindfulness and photography, Look Again helps you look at your business or organisation with fresh eyes – helping you to clarify your vision, represent it visually, and tell your story more authentically and effectively.


What does your organisation or business look like?

Every organisation or business has a story to tell.

  • Why do you do what you do? What is your purpose?

  • How do you do it? What are your values, your approach?

  • What do you do? What are your services, products, and activities?

By slowing down, using simple mindfulness and visualisation practices, and using creative tips, we help you clarify your vision and represent it visually. We help you see

  • Your ‘bigger picture’ - your context

  • Your ‘smaller picture’ - your specific products and services

  • Your ‘in-between picture’ - your people and relationships

Why does your business or organisation need photography? 

Photographs are everywhere! We will help you identify how you can use photography for:

  • Marketing and promotion - website, social media, profile shots, printed materials, reports, public relations, case studies

  • Documenting, evidencing, mapping, reports

  • Funding applications

  • Raising awareness of your messages, products and services, campaigns

  • Exhibitions

How can you create more authentic photographs for your business or organisation?

Through simple, low tech and fun photography tips and tricks and by slowing down and becoming more present, you or your staff learn to take better photos and to use photography more effectively for your organisation.

Mindful visual storytelling workshops and training

Look Again offer the following services to staff and teams in organisations and businesses

Taster workshop (2-3 hours)

1-2 day workshops or training

Bespoke projects to suit your needs and context

Our workshops and training are tailored to suit your organisation, challenges and budget.

If you are a communications or marketing manager of a corporate, public sector organisation, charity, university, or school, do get in touch.

The Barnwood Trust

Representatives from social enterprises and charities from around Gloucestershire, supported by the Barnwood Trust attended a workshop at Hawkwood College.



“Ruth ran an inspiring training session for social entrepreneurs which impressed us all. Her approach is warm and friendly and she is incredibly generous with her knowledge. By encouraging people to think about their business in pictures she cleverly interweaved some important messages about branding and marketing. The pace and level was perfect and participants valued the opportunity to reflect on their approach to marketing.” Julie Carthy, Award Manager, UnLTD


Cotswold Conservation Board

We ran two workshops with the CCB, at the National Trust’s Park Lodge and at the CCB’s headquarters in Northleach, for 17 business in the Cotswolds.

“Ruth delivered a one-day photography workshop to help businesses learn how to use their camera to promote their business along with their location and the surrounding landscape. Ruth’s workshop was excellent. She understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and delivered it in an easy-to-follow format which all businesses found extremely useful. The feedback was very positive and we hope to plan another workshop soon.” Nicola Greaves, Information and Interpretation Officer, Cotswolds Conservation Board

“Spending the day with Ruth opened up a whole new way of thinking about how to capture the essence of Batsford Arboretum and place it within the wider Cotswold landscape. Being encouraged to ‘play’ was immensely liberating, helped the creative process no end and was, above all, great fun! Thank you for an inspirational day.” Susie Hunt, PR and Marketing Manager, Batsford Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Get in touch to discuss tailoring workshops and training to suit your organisation, challenges and budget – from half-day sessions to six or eight week courses.