We offer inspiring, creative, and fun interactive talks on the benefits of mindful photography to your staff or service users at business forums, AGMs, team building days, conferences, and festivals.

Talks last from 20 minutes to an hour. We are available to provide talks at venues across Gloucestershire, Bristol, London and around the UK. We can offer talks further afield through Skype or Zoom.

Some talks are free, others have a fee… Get in touch to find out more.

‘Future Human: Future Self’, Ditchley Foundation's Festival of Ideas, Ditchley Park, Oxford

The festival brings together two hundred or more of the most thoughtful, smart and curious young people from across the UK for a series of conversations, group discussions and interactive and creative activities around the theme of "Future Human: Future Self". Ruth introduced the ‘7Cs+1’ framework, using photography to help people become more resilient in the light of increased political and climate related uncertainty. Ruth was honoured with the presence of Will Hutton from the Observer Newspaper!


‘Mindful photography for improved wellbeing in the workplace’, Mindful Living Show, Business Design Centre, London

Ruth offered simple, fun and creative ways in which mindfulness with photography helps improve mental health, wellbeing, resilience, motivation and team building in the workplace.


‘The wellbeing benefits of mindful photography in business’, The Growth Hub, University of Gloucester


‘Tell the visual story of your business using the imagination, mindfulness and photography , Gloucester Culture Trust


Launch of ‘Living, Dying (and the Rest)’ Festival at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol

Ruth gave an interactive talk on using mindful photography to look again at living and dying. I presented examples of ways in which photography can be used to explore life and death, and explored the questions, what does living look like, and what does dying look like? 


Bristol Photography Research Group, the University of the West of England, Watershed, Bristol

Photography has always related to the human condition in physical, emotional and mental form. In April 2017, I was honoured to give two talks to over 200 people at a one-day symposium exploring photography’s interactions with illness, mental health and wellbeing. My first talk was interactive and illustrated my simple approach to looking and seeing with new eyes. My second presentation explored how photography can be used for personal, community and business development. 

 The National Trust: “The power of photography”

Ruth gave a talk at a national training event for National Trust wardens and rangers. Her presentation illustrated how photography can be used as a tool to help children and adults connect with the land and the natural and built environment, and explored how to use photography more effectively to tell a story, to document and evidence work, and for marketing purposes.

 ‘Look again at your business or organisation’, with Learndirect, Gloucester

Ruth gave an interactive talk for small businesses, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations in Gloucestershire, encouraging participants to look and see themselves, their work and their organisations with fresh eyes.

Photography: an ‘Outside the Box Career Option’, Wycliffe School, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Ruth used her career of working with NGOs and charities before setting up Look Again as an example of ‘doing different’, of taking a risk, of being creative and of following your heart. She encouraged the students to have courage, to be authentic and get support when required.

‘Photography for health and wellbeing’, Positive Living Group, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Ruth presented an interactive talk on photography for health and wellbeing, to illustrate how photography can help us slow down and become more mindful in our everyday lives. 



Photo of ruth davey giving a mindfulness photography talk to room of delegates
room of people holding up photo mounts during mindfulness photography talk by ruth davey professional photographer gloucestershire
Ruth Davey being interviewed on stage during a mindfulness photography talk and presentation at UWE Bristol
ruth davey professional photography guiding a group to hold photo mounts and look again during a mindfulness photography talk
Photo of Ruth Davey giving a talk to room of delegates during a mindfulness photography presentation in Gloucestershire