Interactive mindful photography talks to help you gain a fresh perspective on your life, your work and your organisation. A creative and fun approach to helping your staff, supporters, and audience see your vision of the world through fresh eyes. Great for conferences and away days!

I am available to talk to your business or organisation about how to use photography with mindfulness to help you see with fresh eyes; to look and to really see what is in front of you. Talks last from 10 minutes to an hour and are suitable for a range of events such as forums, conferences, AGMs, staff away days, team building, events and festivals.

Cost: Varies depending on the nature of the talk, event and organisation.

Please contact me to discuss further. 

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol, at the Launch of 'Living, Dying (and the Rest)' Festival

'See Living and Dying with New Eyes', Mindful Photography

It was a pleasure to give an interactive talk at the launch of this festival celebrating living and dying. What does living look like? What does dying look like? I gave  examples of workshops of how photography can be used to explore life and death. 


Bristol Photography Research Group, the University of the West of England, Watershed, Bristol

‘Feeling Images – Photography’s relationship with Illness, Mental Health and Wellbeing’

On the 7th April 2017, I was honoured to give two talks to over 200 people at this one day symposium exploring photography’s interactions with illness, mental health and wellbeing, asking fundamental questions such as who is such work for, and what are the ethics of engagement. Since its invention photography has a longstanding relationship to concerns of the physical, emotional and mental human condition. My first talk was interactive and illustrated my simple approach to looking and seeing with new eyes; the second explored how photography can be used for personal, community and business development. 


The National Trust

‘The power of photography for the National Trust’

A national training event held at Hawkwood College in Stroud for National Trust wardens and rangers. I gave an interactive talk illustrating how photography can be used as a tool for children and adults to connect with the land and the natural and built environment. We also explored how to use photography more effectively to tell a story, document and evidence work, and for marketing purposes.


Wycliffe School

‘Photography as an outside the box career option’

I used my career of working for NGOs and charities before setting up Look Again as an example of ‘doing different’, of taking a risk, of being creative and of following your heart. I encouraged the students to have courage, be authentic and get support.



‘Look again at your business or organisation’

An interactive talk for small businesses, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations in Gloucestershire.  I encourage them to look at and see themselves, their work and their organisations with fresh eyes.


Positive Living Group, Stroud

‘Photography for health and wellbeing’

An interactive talk illustrating how photography can help us to slow down and become more mindful in our every day lives and help improve our health and wellbeing.


Living Arts Gathering

‘How to earn a living whilst maintaining creative integrity’

A talk about my journey that led me to set up Look Again. Part of a collaborative event between Renewal Arts and Buddhafield, held on the edge of Dartmoor.