Use photography with mindfulness to help both students and staff slow down and see their lives and school with new eyes. Benefit from a creative way to improve mental health and wellbeing, confidence, self esteem, focus and motivation. Workshops for students; INSET training for staff. 

Mindful photography workshops for students

Students use photography, mindfulness, and nature, to slow down, and learn to see their life at school with new eyes. They explore their relationship with themselves, each other and the natural and built environment of their school. 

Students benefit from improved:


photography skills

mental health and wellbeing

confidence and self-esteem

focus and observation skills

social interaction

creative story telling skills


The workshops link with the national curriculum through art, science, geography, numeracy, English, and D&T and can contribute towards Art Council England’s Artsmark. They are tailor made to suit the needs of the school and the students. 

Cost: £250 - £350 for a student workshop (please note this is the price of state funded schools).

Mindful photography INSET days for teachers

Mindful photography workshops for teachers can be used for an INSET day.

Teachers and other members of staff use photography, mindfulness, and where possible nature, to slow down, and learn to see their lives at school with new eyes. They explore their relationship with themselves and each other. This is a reflective, restorative time for staff as well as learning opportunity. Staff can also use this as an opportunity to clarify their vision of the school and what this looks like. See workshops for business for more info.

Teachers and other staff benefit from improved:








Cost: £495 - £595 for a 1-day staff workshop, depending on location, numbers and desired outcomes. Please contact me to discuss further on 07789 958895.



“The 6th form students benefitted from a completely different approach to photography through taking part in Ruth’s Mindfulness photography masterclass. It allowed students to stop, think and shoot slower. The students thoroughly enjoyed this and the benefits of more thoughtful compositions and fresh enjoyment in their work is still evident”.
— Hannah Bullock, Art Teacher, Archway Secondary School, Stroud
“Outdoor learning allows the environment to support the children’s development, both academic and social, complementing the work which occurs in the classroom.” 
— Katie Merriman, Head Teacher, Gastrells Primary School, Stroud
“We like it because it allows you to go outside and be near nature and see things you would not get to see every day normally – and it means you don’t feel trapped inside. It’s nice to go outside and be in the fresh air.” 
— Emily & Georgia, Gastrells Primary School, Stroud