Absence and presenteeism, lack of motivation and creativity, and lost income and productivity issues caused by stress, overwork and mental health issues cost organisations and businesses billions of pounds every year. Look Again training combines mindfulness and photography to improve mental health, wellbeing, resilience and team building in the workplace, as well as being effective tools to help you clarify your vision, and tell your organisation’s story more effectively.


To take notice is one of the five ways to wellbeing, used throughout the NHS. Look Again mindful photography training is designed to teach your staff to slow down, look again, and notice the beauty in the everyday. 

By seeing their lives, work and world with fresh eyes, participants benefit from improved

  • mindset, mental health and wellbeing

  • confidence, self-esteem and resilience

  • clarity, creativity, vision and focus

  • communication skills

  • team building

  • motivation and productivity

  • visual & brand storytelling

  • photography skills

If you’re concerned about the health and wellbeing of your staff, your teams or your organisation, get in touch.

My training is tailored to suit your organisation, challenges and budget – from taster sessions to three-day courses.

Training is generally delivered across Gloucestershire, Bristol and London, but can be provided nationwide.


Learn mindful photography tools to add to your practice

For photographers, therapists, coaches and mindfulness practitioners

Museum in the Park, Stroud

Postponed - new date coming soon…

This is an introductory practical training day in the Look Again approach to mindful photography. 

You will lean how mindful photography can help people 

  • slow down and reduce stress

  • increase confidence and self-esteem

  • improve mindset and mental health

  • gain clarity and become more focused

  • build stronger connections with self, others and with nature

  • increase motivation, resilience, creativity

The day is very experiential and uses a blend of the following while keeping things simple, low tech and fun:

  • time for quiet and stillness in nature

  • the Five Ways to Wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation, and used throughout the NHS: Connect, Give, Learn, Be Active and Take Notice

  • key attitudes to mindfulness

  • an exploration of themes that encourage creativity and insight

  • creating mindful photographs

You will learn practical tips and activities that you can add to your toolbox that will be of benefit to both you personally, your clients, your colleagues, and people in your communities. 

The Museum in the Park is a perfect venue to learn about the benefits of Mindful Photography. Most of the day will be spent in the beautiful walled garden and the surrounding Stratford Park.

You will go away with training resources, links to networks and ideas about how mindful photography can be used in different settings and contexts. 

Mindful photography for improved mental health and wellbeing of your staff

For HR, mental health and wellbeing managers, leaders and CEOs in the charity, public, education, and corporate sectors

Museum in the Park, Stroud

New dates coming soon…

By slowing down and seeing with fresh eyes, in just two hours, you sample how a blend of photography, the Five Ways to Wellbeing, attitudes of mindfulness, and being in nature is a simple, fun and effective way for you, your staff and colleagues to improve:

  • mindset, mental health and wellbeing

  • confidence, self-esteem and resilience

  • clarity, creativity, vision and focus

  • communication skills

  • team building

You will go away with inspiring and practical tips to use for your own wellbeing and to share.


Training in visual storytelling

Tell your authentic story using mindful photography

Using visual storytelling, mindfulness and photography, Look Again helps you look at your business or organisation with fresh eyes – helping you to clarify your vision, represent it visually, and tell your story more authentically and effectively.

Through simple, fun exercises and photography tips and tricks, staff learn to take better photos and to use photography more effectively for your organisation: on your website, on your social media profiles, for PR projects, in printed material, and for evaluation purpose


What participants say…

“For those of us leading busy lives, at work and outside work, the opportunity to stop and focus on something different gave a valuable insight into how we might incorporate visual mindfulness into our daily routines and gain significant health benefits from doing so.”
— Richard Bond, Assistant Director, Head of Research Information, Governance and Graduate School Research, Business & Innovation, UWE Bristol
“Ruth ran an inspiring training session for social entrepreneurs which impressed us all. Her approach is warm and friendly and she is incredibly generous with her knowledge. By encouraging people to think about their business in pictures she cleverly interweaved some important messages about branding and marketing. The pace and level was perfect and participants valued the opportunity to reflect on their approach to marketing.”
— Julie Carthy, Award Manager, UnLTD
“Ruth delivered a one-day photography workshop to help businesses learn how to use their camera to promote their business along with their location and the surrounding landscape. Ruth’s workshop was excellent. She understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and delivered it in an easy-to-follow format which all businesses found extremely useful. The feedback was very positive and we hope to plan another workshop soon.”
— Nicola Greaves, Information and Interpretation Officer, Cotswolds Conservation Board
“Spending the day with Ruth opened up a whole new way of thinking about how to capture the essence of Batsford Arboretum and place it within the wider Cotswold landscape. Being encouraged to ‘play’ was immensely liberating, helped the creative process no end and was, above all, great fun! Thank you for an inspirational day.”
— Susie Hunt, PR and Marketing Manager, Batsford Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Watch this video to see how mindful photography can help you and your staff improve wellbeing, clarity and creativity.