Evidence shows that mindful photography can be transformative in the workplace.

Absence and presenteeism, lack of motivation and creativity, and lost income and productivity issues caused by stress and mental health issues cost organisations and businesses billions of pounds every year.

Look Again combines mindfulness, photography and being in nature to help improve mental health, wellbeing, resilience of your staff and team building in the workplace.

The benefits of mindful photography

Based on the evidence gathered to date, the Look Again approach to mindful photography helps people, whatever their background, responsibility or ability, to reduce stress and anxiety and improve general wellbeing in a quick, simple, low tech, resource light, and fun way. The tools and tips learnt help to increase focus, motivation, engagement and staff satisfaction and retention. They are particularly useful for teams about to, or going through, significant change. 

Visit our approach page to see how our methodology can help improve wellbeing in your workplace.

Mindful photography workshops, courses and training

Look Again offer the following services to staff and teams in organisations and businesses

Taster workshop (2-3 hours)

Day workshop or training (5-7 hours)

4, 6, 8-week courses or training with 1.5 - 2 hour session per week

Bespoke projects to suit your needs and context

Our workshops, courses and training are tailored to suit your organisation, challenges and budget.

If you are an HR or wellbeing manager, leader or CEO of a corporate, public sector organisation, charity, university, or school and you’re concerned about the health and wellbeing of your staff, your team or your organisation, get in touch.

Our workshops are generally delivered across Gloucestershire, Bristol and London, but can be provided nationwide.

Our experience

As a specialist organisation in using photography for the wellbeing of people and planet, Look Again offers tried and tested workshops, courses and training. Unlike other corporate stress reduction packages, Look Again is unique in offering this via the simple medium of the smartphone, coupled with drawing on the therapeutic properties of photography and the natural world.

Look Again has experienced unprecedented growth in the last year, sadly due to increased need for mental health and wellbeing related services. Last year we completed a Global Photography for Wellbeing commission for Canon and thanks to support from Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, the BUPA Foundation and the Gloucestershire County Council Adult Social Care Thriving Communities Fund, we are currently delivering 8-week mindful photography courses to over one hundred people across Gloucestershire.

In light of the significant positive results of our approach, we are currently developing new programmes with the museum and heritage sector and includes academic research with the University of Gloucestershire.


“As someone who burnt out and was off work due to being a ‘doer’ - a high achiever focused on results, productivity, and achievement - I have struggled enormously with the notion of mindfulness as an end in itself. The shift was too great from doing to ‘just’ being, breathing, stillness. This whole notion of mindful photography has been such a helpful bridge. I can be productive whilst being still. As someone who overthinks, it has been a really helpful anchor point. Instead of getting stuck and feeling overwhelmed, I’ve been able to look up and out and focus instead on a single concept such as colour, the extraordinary, growth, change… 

Without a fancy camera or technical know how, I have learnt an awful lot about where to focus my eye, but also my mind and my heart. Ruth holds the space beautifully and is helping magic happen. Within six weeks of working with her, I am back and delivering at a high level again.”
— Shila Brown, Company Director
“For those of us leading busy lives, at work and outside work, the opportunity to stop and focus on something different gave a valuable insight into how we might incorporate visual mindfulness into our daily routines and gain significant health benefits from doing so.”
— Richard Bond, Assistant Director, Head of Research Information, Governance and Graduate School Research, Business & Innovation, UWE Bristol

Rising Women Rising World

Look Again Director Ruth was invited on 2016 to join the creativity constellation of this international pioneering organisation. She ran a taster mindful photography workshop in France for creative leaders in the field of social change, including an ex-advisor to Hillary Clinton, who claimed, “This work is transformational. It belongs in The Whitehouse”. Ruth is waiting for the invite…


Mental health and wellbeing managers and practitioners in Gloucestershire

We offered a taster mindful photography workshop to practitioners and organisations working in the field of mental health and wellbeing, including the Clinical Commissioning Group, Westonbirt Arboretum, Victim Support, Cirencester College, Artlift, The Barnwood Trust… This led to Look Again being asked to run further workshops to service users and clients.


Museum in the Park, Stroud

We were commissioned to deliver two mindfulness photography days for both paid staff and volunteers, with the aim to improve the health and wellbeing and create a managed opportunity to gain clarity, vision and focus about the museums’ activities. Staff explored how to represent the museum visually and to tell its story more authentically.  


University of the West of England

We offered a taster session to staff as part of a wellbeing away day at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol. See testimonial above.