The ‘7Cs +1’ is the Look Again framework using mindfulness, the imagination, vision and photography to help us become more present in the now, whilst building resilience for the future.

The ‘7Cs+1’ framework helps us to build resilience in the light of the climate emergency and the turbulent and uncertain future we all face. It focuses on helping us to pause, to look again, and see the beauty in the every day, express gratitude and appreciation, and to ‘re-story’ the future we would like to see rather than focus on the story that is unfolding in these troubled times.

The ‘7Cs’ are: Curiosity, Connection, Creativity, Celebration, Courage, Calm, Compassion. The ‘+1’ is Contribution.

Workshops and talks

We run ‘7Cs+1’ mindfulness with photography workshops in community and business settings, and are developing collaborations with other people and organisations working in the field of resilience.

Get in touch to find out more or if you are interested in a workshop or talk, or if you would like to collaborate.

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