By looking again at their lives, their work, and the world around them, mindful photography helps people to improve their mental health, wellbeing and resilience, increase confidence and self-esteem, and reduce loneliness and social isolation. It also helps people become more focused, motivated and creative. 

Look Again has experienced unprecedented growth in the last year, sadly due to increased need for mental health and wellbeing related services. Thanks to support from Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, the BUPA UK Foundation and the Gloucestershire County Council Adult Social Care Thriving Communities Fund, we are currently delivering 8-week mindful photography courses to over one hundred people across Gloucestershire. Our partners include Artlift, Stroud Nature, Gloucester Cathedral, The Nelson Trust, Headway, Maggie’s, Longfield, Forest Green Rovers Football Club, All Pulling Together, schools…

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For case studies of our work with charities, organisations, schools and universities, see below.

Workshops and courses

We offer the following services (please note: the cost indicated above is a guideline only and will depend on participant numbers, location and frequency and may be subject to change):

Taster workshop (2-3 hours). Cost: £300

Day workshop (5-7 hours). Cost: £450 - £550

4-8 week courses with 2-3 hour session per week. Cost ranging from £1,400 to £2,800

Bespoke projects to suit your needs and context.

Exhibitions of participants’ work at the end of a course can be added at cost to the course or project.

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Our clients

Here are just some of the workshops and courses we’ve run for charities, social enterprises, businesses, the public sector, universities, schools and community organisations. For case studies, please see below.

We run regular 8-week ‘Finding Focus’ mindful photography courses for people with ongoing mental health challenges with the charity Artlift, funded by Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group.

The next course starts Tuesday 17 September 2019 at the Museum in the Park, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Referrals are received from GPs or other health/support workers through ‘Arts on Prescription’ a kind of Social Prescribing. For more info and the exhibition see Artlift.

"Mindful photography reminds me to stop, breathe and admire the beauty all around me. It has improved my mental health. It keeps me more in the present and less in false worry. It has encouraged me to get close and really admire what I’m seeing. I feel as though my photography has improved. Mindful photography really calms me and gives me an inner peace that I don’t get from anywhere else." Artlift course participant.

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Four 6-week mindful photography courses for improving wellbeing and reducing social isolation in the Stroud District, in partnership with Stroud Nature and funded by an Adult Social Care ‘Thriving Communities’ grant, Gloucestershire County Council.

Since November 2018 four 6-week mindful photography courses have taken place for people needing to build confidence and self-esteem, improve their mental health, make new friends, and learn new skills. Courses were run in partnership with host organisations Forest Green Rovers in Nailsworth, All Pulling Together in Stonehouse, The Hub Academy, The Nelson Trust, Brimscombe, and Make It Studios in Stroud. In July we had an exhibition of participants work at the Big Nature Festival in Stratford Park, Stroud. We are working with The University of Gloucestershire to develop a full evaluation framework of the project.

Photo of people taking photos during a mindfulness photography workshop for NHS Staff Gloucestershire

The Recovery College, NHS 2gether Foundation Trust, Gloucestershire

We ran mindful photography workshops to help participants slow down and see their lives and surroundings from a different perspective.

“I’ve always found mindfulness walking helpful, but the mindfulness photography took it to another level. As we concentrated on what we were photographing, I was not aware of any intrusive thoughts and I found it very relaxing. Doing it as a group was very powerful. I went home feeling very relaxed and happy.” Jane McGraham, Recovery College, NHS 2gether Trust, Gloucestershire

“When you’re in recovery, this can give a sense of purpose and a great way to get the patient out of their hospital room, interacting with people and gaining confidence again. Getting out into the garden taking pictures and becoming aware of other things helps to raise self-esteem and make them feel more inspired.” Workshop participant

man taking photo of nature during mindfulness photography workshop at Franklyn Hospital Exeter

Franklyn Hospital, Exeter, Devon Partnership, NHS Trust

This mindful photography workshop was for people with dementia. They explored the hospital’s sensory garden, looking again at colour, texture, patterns and light.

“Ruth’s sensory approach to running a photography workshop for people living with dementia was a great success. She created a cohesive, shared group experience that enabled everyone to feel ‘grounded’, while being in the moment. Participants demonstrated the ability to make creative decisions and aesthetic choices, expressing these both verbally and through the camera lens. 

“Outcomes included improved mood, increased self-esteem, improved engagement in other activities, better social interaction, increased staff awareness of the person’s ‘story’, positive response from relatives, and sharing good practice through an exhibition and publicity, to challenge negative perceptions of people with dementia.” Carrie Clarke, Occupational Therapist


Students at school and university

There’s a lot of pressure on students at schools, colleges and universities, and concerns about mental health (stress, anxiety, self harming, eating disorders and suicide) and loneliness, debt and burnout are on the rise. Mindful photography is a creative way and a accessible way for students to improve their mental health and wellbeing, and to boost self-esteem, confidence, focus, creativity and motivation. Participants learn to see their life at school, college or university with new eyes. They explore their relationship with themselves, each other and the world around them.

Man taking photo of flowers during a mindfulness photography workshop for staff at Crisis Oxford

Crisis, Oxford, part of ‘Kicking the Bucket Festival'

A three-day photography workshop for people experiencing homelessness in Oxford. We looked again at the theme of living and dying.

“Ruth is skilled at recognising the creative potential in every participant in her workshops. She has a rare gift for appreciating each participant’s images equally. Participants responded to her recognition of each individual and grew in confidence and self-esteem during the course. One participant in particular had struggled to even stay in the room at first, but by the end was making comments about her own work – a remarkable change.” Rebecca Burton, Crisis

“Great project! Great method of teaching! Fully enjoyed everything about it! It’s not only helped me learn about photography but also how I think about my life. It will help me move forward with my life!” Howling Mad Wolfman, participant

“Inspiration is what’s left with me. It’s always good learning something new in life. I’ve developed looking and thinking about things around me.” Trang Ha, participant

“Looking again was calming and relaxing, like taking a holiday from stress.” Martin Blackwell, participant

Man taking photo with smartphone during mindfulness photographer workshop for Gloucestershire Arts for Schools

Barnardo’s and Link Children’s Centre, with Gloucestershire Arts For Schools

We worked with parents to help them expand their camera skills and photograph their children as part of two workshops.

“I can recommend Ruth as a committed, sincere, thorough, hardworking, fun person, as well as a talented photographer. She was a great hit with everyone concerned – parents, children and the organisers at the Link Children’s Centre. I would highly recommend her both as a photographer and to run workshops to pass on her skills.” Fran Webber, Director of GLAS


Other workshops with communities, charities and social enterprises in Gloucester, Stroud, London, Bristol and beyond…

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