Our workshops and courses are creative, experiential, low-tech and fun, and are accessible to all. We use tried and tested content whilst remaining flexible and adaptable to suit your needs and context.

Mindful photography is using sight and the lens of a camera as an anchor to become more consciously aware of the present moment. It is experiencing the process of creating photographs in a non-judgmental, compassionate way. 
— Ruth Davey, 2017

The Look Again approach is centred around:

  • Time for quiet and stillness, where possible, in natural surroundings.

  • Simple mindfulness practices.

  • The key attitudes of mindfulness: the beginners mind, curiosity, gratitude, acceptance, patience, trust, non judging, non striving, letting go, compassion and generosity.

  • The Five Ways to Wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation and used throughout the NHS.

  • The using and creating mindful photographs, using a smart phone, tablet or digital camera.

  • An exploration of themes that encourage creativity and insight: colour, texture, shape, form, patterns. light, reflection, movement, growth, change, transition, the relationship between the natural and built environment, portraits and stories of self, building connection within the group.

  • Integrating the Look Again ‘7Cs+1’ framework, the imagination, vision and photography to help build resilience in the light of the climate emergency and the turbulent future we face.

  • Conversation feedback and reflection which feeds into course monitoring and evaluation where necessary and appropriate.

Watch this video to see how mindful photography can help you slow down and improve your wellbeing, clarity and creativity.