Teachers and staff working in education come under a lot of pressure. With growing concerns about stress, anxiety, burnout, and even suicide, you may be searching for a solution to help your school, college or university staff reconnect – with themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Mindful photography is a creative way to improve mindset, mental health and wellbeing, and to boost confidence, focus, creativity and motivation.

Workshops and courses from Look Again combine photography with mindfulness to help teachers and education staff slow down, reduce anxiety and stress, and see their work and their lives through fresh eyes. As well as teaching useful photography and mindfulness skills, my workshops give teachers and staff time to reflect, restore and rebalance.

I run workshops and courses at universities, further education colleges, and at secondary, primary and special schools, with a focus on Stroud, Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds and Bristol.

I also run training in the Look Again approach to mindfulness photography to enable staff to pass on the wellbeing benefits to other members of staff as well as students.

All Look Again workshops are centred around the five ways to wellbeing that are used throughout the NHS:

  • CONNECT with self, others and nature

  • GIVE your photos, your inspiration, your presence

  • LEARN photography, communication and mindfulness skills

  • BE ACTIVE and enjoy walking in nature

  • TAKE NOTICE observe and appreciate the beauty all around us

Participants develop a new approach to photography – learning to see their working life with new eyes, and to notice the extraordinary in the everyday. They explore their relationship with themselves, each other and the world around them.

The photography side of things is kept simple, low tech and fun. Participants can use any device they choose, and the workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Teachers and other staff attending my workshops and training benefit from improved:

  • mental health and wellbeing

  • confidence and self-esteem

  • communication skills

  • clarity, creativity, vision and focus

  • photography skills

  • team building

  • motivation and productivity

Get in touch to talk to me about training and workshops for teachers and staff at your university, college or school.

See here for workshops and training for students in universities, colleges and schools.


What participants say…

“Enjoyable and relaxing. Reinforced an interest and inclination in ‘slow’ living.”

“Great workshop – looking again I always saw something new.”

“I loved the workshop, very relaxing. I’ve learnt a lot and will practise breathing.”
— Staff from the University of the West of England
“The training encouraged me to take time to see things and appreciate where I work and why I am here.”

“Mindful photography makes me appreciate the world around me and step into my own world of calm, to escape everyday stresses. It gave me new ideas about how to deal with my stress and depression at work and at home.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It has relaxed me and made me feel more creative. It’s given me a different way of viewing what I see.”
— Staff from Claremont Special School, Bristol
“It keeps the body calm and rids the brain of clutter. It encouraged me to slow down and take a closer look.”

“I am discovering a creative side in me that I had never taken the time to explore. This could be a great way to start.”

“Very peaceful, simple approach, no pressure.”
— Staff from Cirencester College, Gloucestershire