Professional photography commissions that mindfully tell your story.

I work with you to clarify how you want to be visually represented. My style is natural and unobstrusive. I like to keep things simple and shoot using natural light. I pride myself on my ability to mindfully communicate and connect with my clients. I work mainly with clients who share my vision for a greener, fairer and healthier world. Below are a few examples of recent work, including my book 'The Art of Applewood'.

If you would like me to take photos for you, please contact me. Prices vary depending on shoot time, location and usage requirements, but generally range between £450- £650 for half a day and £600- £950 for a full day. I have special rates for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Please ask!

Rising Women Rising World, FemmeQ Summit, Berlin

Rising Women Rising World is a transformational organization and movement that exists to inspire women AND men to pioneer new possibilities, rise to their full capacities, and build a world that works for all. At the first international FemmeQ Summit 140 people united from 15 countries and came together to understand how to validate a realistic and possible world in which the feminine principle is not only appreciated but also attains its natural place. As a member of the RWRW Media, Arts and Creativity Constellation, I hope to contribute to a world where creativity is communicated in a form that empowers and enables its audience to take positive action, to contribute, and to participate. 

Celebrating life: mindful wedding, funeral and event photography

Celebrating life through ritual, events and ceremony is a really important part of being alive. I believe it helps us to live our lives in a more mindful and meaningful way. Celebrating the lives of people who have died is an important way of remembering them, telling their story and for the safekeeping of generations to come. Here are a few examples of wedding and funeral photography I have been commissioned to take over the past few years. A good friend Dave said to his wife Chris, shortly before he died: “I wish I had given myself more time to stop, look, and see". I remember him with fondness and gratitude. Please contact me if you would like me to help you celebrate any aspect of your life!

Satish Kumar, The Resurgence Trust & Emergence's 'Being an Earth Pilgrim'

I was honoured to be commissioned by Emergence to photograph Satish Kumar from the Resurgence Trust for 'Being an Earth Pilgrim', a landmark documentary series of six, hour-long conversations with Jane Davidson that chronicle and celebrate the life and work of this teacher, peace activist and leader. Other photos above document the Resurgence Summer Camp at Green and Away.

Pioneers for a better future

The National Trust

“We commissioned Ruth to take photos to celebrate the Minchinhampton Centenary. The photos is that they represent everyday life on the Common but with a twist. Ruth made us look again at the common and has captured how special it is to all who visit.”

— Nathalie Bradley, Outdoor Visitor Experience Manager

'The Art of Applewood', self published Look Again book, with foreword written by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs

As co-author, photographer and publisher of this book, I am very proud to present Look Again’s first publication, with the foreword written by Kevin McCloud. Our book charts the evolution of a much-loved piece of land in Stroud, Gloucestershire: once a derelict hospital, now a vibrant new community. The book tells the story of the Cashes Green Hospital and the stories of local people who used to work there. I capture the demolition and the building of the new Applewood housing development, focusing on how the designers, architects, government, housing association, builders, and other contractors have engaged with the local community and the ecology of the site. The story is not only about bricks and mortar; it is about the ‘spirit of place’, the relationships between people, and a connection with the earth.

This book records the passion of people who have poured their souls into a building project and staked their professional reputations to it; but equally importantly, the book brings together remembered events from people who have a long association with the Cashes Green hospital site. That makes it properly rich and resonant.” 

— Kevin McCloud, HAB Housing
Ruth understands our vision and has ensured that the photos represent what HAB Housing is all about. Her work is being used for promotional and PR purposes. Ruth is an absolute pleasure to work with. She does what she says she will, is organised, creative, a great team player and communicates with genuine understanding and love of people. We could not recommend her more highly.

— Sahra Gott, Brand & Communications Director for Kevin McCloud, HAB Housing

The Lloyds Bank Foundation, Awards Ceremony, Welsh National Assembly

More testimonials

Look Again offered a new perspective to how we see our business.
— Greg Pilley, Stroud Brewery
Ruth has been a great help to Stroudco. She made a big effort to get to know us and worked sensitively with us to set up and take some great photos which have been used widely in all our publicity and on our website. They are even been used by Rise and Triodos Bank to help promote social enterprises in the South West. We would thoroughly recommend Ruth to anyone wanting to work with a professional and friendly photographer.

— Nick Weir, StroudCo
“Through using the Look Again approach, Ruth really helped me realise how I want people to see me and my business. My vision of the business is now much clearer and I have some great photos!”
— Lesley Young, Lesley Young Bespoke Framing