Ruth Davey

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I am a photographer, facilitator, coach, project manager, creative thinker, collaborator, mother

My vision is to inspire others to see their lives, their work and their world with fresh eyes; to use photography and mindfulness as tools to make a positive difference in their own lives and in the wider world.

Look Again brings together my love of photography with 25 years’ experience of project management and facilitation, working with NGOs, asylum seekers and refugees, international students, artists, inner city businesses, and regeneration organisations in London, West Africa and Bristol. I founded and ran the arts and education organisation, artXchange, in The Gambia and have been a creative mentor for The Arts Council.

My journey with photography started when my father gave me a camera aged 11. At 21, whilst carrying out research about sustainable tourism in Kenya for my degree, my beloved analogue SLR camera was stolen at gunpoint my Somali bandits! A truly great travel story that involves malaria, no money, drunk policemen, crazy driving...

It was not until 2000 however, when I was in Mali on a Millennium Commission funded trip with a sculptor and photographer, exploring the relationship between belief systems and the arts, and sitting on a roadside in dusty Bamako eating a fried egg sandwich with famous photographer Malick Sidibe, that I had to admit to myself that I too wanted to be a photographer. 

Six years later, when I moved to Stroud in Gloucestershire with my son, I attended a facilitated course of Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. At the end of the course I called myself a photographer and have been one ever since! I gradually developed my skills, had lots of photography exhibitions, and launched Look Again in 2012, bringing together my love of people and planet through the art of photography. I trained in participatory photography with PhotoVoice in London and have completed an 8-week MBSR Mindfulness course.

I developed my mindful approach to photography after I experienced my own mental health challenges a few years ago. I started to use photography, mindfulness and walking in nature as part of my recovery and have lived experience of how mindful photography can help to improve my own health and wellbeing.  Now I want to share the benefits of this approach with others. 

I am happiest when outdoors (with or without my camera), am nourished by spending time alone in nature, travel whenever I get a chance, live simply and believe in the importance of stillness and reflection in my life.

In early 2018 I was thrilled to be welcomed as a Fellow into the Royal Society of the Arts.

I would love to look again with you. Please do get in touch.

With warm wishes

Ruth, FRSA


A bit more about Ruth:


My values

My values are important to me. I believe in simplicity, equality, integrity, peace and looking after the earth. I aim to have these values at the heart of Look Again.



I co-create with like-minded photographers, filmmakers, therapists, health practitioners, coaches and other specialists. 


Keep it simple

It’s business in a bag for Look Again! I use a professional camera and a couple of lenses and only buy new kit when I absolutely have to. I use natural light and I’m not into gadgets.


Give back

I am currently a member of the Good Mental Health Group and the Tackling Stigma Group for Gloucestershire, and a member of the Steering Committee for MHELO (Mental Health Experience Led Opportunities).


Source ethically

Look Again power comes from renewable energy. The phone line and broadband come from the Phone Coop. I bank with the Cooperative Bank. Stationery is printed on 100% recycled post-consumer waste or on FSC-certified paper. I cycle or use the train, when timescales, access to public transport and kit allows! I recycle all office paper, equipment, cardboard and cartridges.