Slow down, breathe, look, look again… 

What do you see? 


Use photography, mindfulness and nature to


Slow down

Improve your Mental health and wellbeing

Become more focused and creative

Clarify your vision

Increase your motivation, creativity and productivity

Tell your story


Change your perspective, your vision, and your world.


We all live very busy lives and our minds are so full of thoughts that we don't give ourselves time to stop and simply stare at the world around us and really connect to it. Look Again uses photography, mindfulness and nature to help us slow down and take notice of what is around us in the present moment. It uses the visual landscape to help us connect with ourselves, others and nature with fresh eyes. 


Mindful photography workshops, courses, training, talks and commissions by Stroud-based photographer and facilitator, Ruth Davey.

For businesses, organisations, charities, universities, colleges and schools in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds, Bristol and further afield. 

A very different approach to taking photos. I felt free to really focus on what I was seeing and saw so much more. It reminded me to slow down and see the little moments of beauty of interest. To remember that these ‘bits’ of life are always there!
— Jenny Barton

 workshops in Nature for all

Mindful photography workshops in nature for all

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Workshops for Education

Schools, colleges and universities - students and staff

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Workshops for community

Improve your wellbeing and tell your story

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Photography commissions

Professional photographer who mindfully tells your story

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Workshops for business 

Workshops for improved wellbeing, creativity, motivation at work

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Interactive talks for AGMs, conferences, away days

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See with fresh eyes 


"The greatest voyage of our lifetime is not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing with fresh eyes.” 

Marcel Proust