Mindful photography for staff training, business and organisational development

Stress, anxiety and depression effect one in four people in the UK at some point in their lives. These people are people like you and me; they are men, women, mothers and fathers; they are your employees, your managers, your staff.

Stressed, anxious or depressed people are less motivated, may need to take time off work and at the end of the day are less productive. Would we not all rather be and work with happier, healthier, more motivated and more productive people?

The Look Again training using mindful photography helps staff in businesses and organisations to slow down, de-stress and take time to look, look again and see their lives and their work differently. Using photography, mindfulness and spending time in nature, the training is creative and fun and encourages staff to see the bigger picture as well as the detail.

Benefits of mindful photography for staff training, business and organisational development

As well as learning to take better photos, the training helps:

  • Reduce stress and improve mood
  • Increase self-esteem, sense of confidence and achievement
  • Improve mental and physical fitness
  • Improve internal and external communication
  • Improve focus and motivation
  • Improve team interaction and building
  • Improve motivation and productivity

As well as the ‘softer’ benefits to the training, the Look Again photography training can also help your staff and managers to look at your business or organisation with new eyes, to clarify your vision, represent it visually and tell your story more effectively.

Using simple tips, staff will be able to take better photos and to understand how photography can work throughout your business or organisation: on your website, on social media, for PR projects, in printed material, and for evaluation purposes.

One-to-one coaching using mindful photography

Using the gifts of vision, intuition and imagination, together with photography I help clients see their lives differently; to envision, focus, clarify, take action, learn, and reframe their lives.

Cost: £70per hour. Concessions available.

Staff training using mindful photography

Staff training using mindful photography is bespoke to suit your needs, interests and location.

Cost: Price varies according to time, participant numbers and organisation. Charity and not-for-profit rates available.

Happy clients

Cotswolds Conservation Board

“We employed Ruth to deliver a photography training for tourism businesses as part of the Our Land sustainable tourism initiative which celebrates the nation’s protected landscapes. The purpose was to help businesses learn how best to use their camera to promote their business along with their location and surrounding landscape. Ruth’s workshop was excellent. She understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and delivered it in an easy to follow format which all businesses found very comfortable and extremely useful.” Nicola Greaves, Information & Interpretation Officer

Batsford Arboretum

“Spending the day with Ruth equipped me with the knowledge and courage to think outside the box with my photography.  It opened up a whole new way of thinking about how to capture the essence of Batsford Arboretum and to place it within the wider Cotswold landscape.  Being encouraged to ‘play’ was immensely liberating, helped the creative process no end and was, above all – great fun!  Thank you for an inspirational day.” Susie Hunt, PR and Marketing Manager


“Ruth ran an inspiring training for blossoming social entrepreneurs which impressed us all.  Her approach is warm and friendly and she is incredibly generous with her knowledge.  By encouraging people to think about their business in pictures she cleverly interweaved some important messages about branding and marketing.  The pace and level was perfect and participants reported that they really valued the opportunity to reflect on their approach to marketing.  This approach to growing a business is innovative, interesting and fun.” Julie Carthy, Award Manager

Rose Cottage B&B

“I have learnt to look at things differently. The workshop was very well balanced, talking and participation, great venue and class size. Very well run and not too techy!” Steve Peet, participant member of Cotswold AONB workshop

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