Textiles photography


This collection offers a broad interpretation of ‘textiles’ through photography. The work is on the whole abstract and offers a glimpse into my perception of the world. My eye travels through the environment capturing my experience of colour and texture, portraying the rawness and simplicity, and the inescapable interconnection between the made and the natural.

Most of this work encapsulates my wanderings around of the Stroud Valleys, the South West of England and the Gambia over the past few years, and reflects my questioning of my place in the world – of my sense of belonging within the landscape and with the people I meet along my path.

In 2010, thanks to Arts Council funding, I was commissioned by the Stroudwater Textile Trust to document The Art of Kalamkari, working with Stroud Museum in the Park, that exhibited the work of three visiting Indian textile artists. Some of these photographs are also included here.

Many of the photographs above were selected for exhibitions in Stroud: ‘Challenging Textiles’, part of Stroud International Textiles Festival in 2009 and 2011, ‘Elemental’ in 2009, and ‘Interwoven’ in 2011.

I would like to acknowledge Kel Portman and Walking the Land for inspiring and influencing my work that shows the blurred and interwoven boundaries that exist between the cultures, landscapes and artists I have worked with. The physical, spiritual and cultural boundaries of my every day continue to blur…