Ruskin Mill – ‘Raw’


This work was taken in 2013 along the valley between Ruskin Mill and Horsley Mill in Gloucestershire, and at Ruskin Mill’s Field Centre. Some of the work was selected for a group exhibition held at Ruskin Mill, with Nikki Simpson, Sam Mukumba and Mike Snudden. Here is my artist statement from the ‘Raw’ exhibition:

“The word RAW is important to me; to me it means basic, rough, real, open, ‘as it is’. It expresses how I see and feel the world around me: its simplicity, the unexpected beauty in the ordinary, the seeming banalities of the everyday. When I look, my eye travels capturing colour, texture, and form, enjoying the juxtaposition and interaction of the natural and the made, the close detail in contrast to the wider perspective.”

This body of work encapsulates what I saw this March as I walked along the valley at Ruskin Mill and visited the Trust’s Field Centre as it was being built. I am inspired by the way the natural landscape has been sculpted to create a productive, creative, and educational space in which nature and humans can co-exist and grow together.”