The Art of Applewood

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The Art of Applewood: from Hospital to Homes


By Ruth Davey & Lis Parker
Foreword by Kevin McCloud

The Art of Applewood - Ruth Davey & Lis Parker

The Art of Applewood – Ruth Davey & Lis Parker

As co-author, photographer and publisher of this book, I am very proud to present Look Again’s first publication! Our book charts the evolution of a much-loved piece of land in Stroud, Gloucestershire: once a derelict hospital, now a vibrant new community.

In this book we tell the story of the Cashes Green Hospital and the stories of local people who used to work there. We capture the demolition and the building of the new Applewood housing development, focusing on how the designers, architects, government, housing association, builders, and other contractors have engaged with the local community and the ecology of the site. They tell us about the successes, challenges, and ways they hope Applewood will help to inform policy and practice of future housing developments.

This book it is the culmination of the story of a very special plot of land. It is not only about bricks and mortar; it is about the ‘spirit of place’, the relationships between people, and a connection with the earth. Crouching in thick mud, wearing my hard-hat and high-viz jacket, looking, looking again and seeing the colours, textures, forms and light on the site, I frequently experienced moments of pure bliss. I hope this book will challenge and inspire future housing developments to look at the gift of land differently.

Contact me if you would Look Again to tell your story.

The Art of Applewood: £10.99


What people say

“This book records the passion of people who have poured their souls into a building project and staked their professional reputations to it; but equally importantly, the book brings together remembered events from people who have a long association with the Cashes Green hospital site. That makes it properly rich and resonant.” Kevin McCloud, HAB Housing

“A book to treasure. Applewood seeds global principles of sustainability and community building into local life. A beautiful, creative and thought-provoking way of looking at a new housing development on the edge of Stroud.” Polly Higgins, Eradicate Ecocide Global Initiative

“The inspiration for this book comes from my love of both art and place. To document the process of change for this area when the beloved hospital site was eventually to become housing was going to be a challenge. This is a story of the partnerships, co-operation, idealism, high expectations, good design and new ways of working together. It is also the story of disappointment, lengthy bureaucracy, missed deadlines, frustration and misunderstandings. It has been a deeply interesting experience and as people come to live here I am excited about how the community will develop.” Lis Parker

I’d like to say a special thanks to Lis Parker for working with me on the book. Much thanks also goes to our funders and supporters: the Homes and Communities Agency, HAB Housing, Greensquare Group, Cashes Green Community Land Trust, Markey Construction, Gloucestershire Land for People, Cainscross Parish Council, DSDHA Architects, DBK Partners, Curtins, and Studio Engleback.

Book: Ecolibrium Now

I am delighted that a photograph I took three years ago when working with the National Trust , features on the front cover of this beautiful and inspiring new book Ecolibrium Now –  a book by artists, writers, poets, farmers, and others who support the creation of a new international law to protect nature from Ecocide. To buy a copy of the book, please click on the above link.