Mindful and therapeutic photography workshops and courses

On a Look Again mindful photography workshop you will use mindfulness and a connection with nature wherever possible, and together, we look at ourselves, our relationships and our communities. We focus on looking, looking again and learning to see with new eyes.

The photography side of things is kept simple, low tech and fun. Participants can use any device they choose for their photography, from a mobile phone to an SLR camera and will have an opportunity to discuss their work.

Workshops are centred around the five steps to mental wellbeing  – connect, learn, be active, notice and give.

Depending on the length of the workshop or course, photographs may be printed, framed, mounted and exhibited.

Benefits of mindful and therapeutic photography workshops and courses

As well as improve your actual photography skills, the workshops will help you

  • Improve mood and self-esteem
  • Reduce stress and increase ability to relax
  • Improve social interaction
  • Improve mental and physical fitness
  • Increase sense of confidence and achievement
  • Improve focus and observation skills
  • Increase awareness of one’s own story and that of others

Who are mindful and therapeutic photography workshops and courses for?

Mindful and therapeutic workshops and courses are for individuals, groups, service users, and staff.

  • Charities and community and voluntary groups
  • Businesses and social enterprises
  • Schools
  • Organisations working with people with mental health difficulties
  • Activity providers or deliverers
  • Health and wellbeing professionals
  • People with lived experience of mental health difficulties (past or present)

The workshops can be adapted to suit any level of ability, age and needs. Please note I have enhanced DBS checks.

I am proud to be one of the fortunate photographers to have undertaken specialist training in participatory photography with PhotoVoice and ensure that my workshops and courses are as participative as possible.

One-to-one mindful and therapeutic photography workshops

I arrange mindful photography workshops for individuals at an appropriate location and together we decide to focus on an interest, project or area that you would like to explore.

Cost: £50 per hour, £175 per half day, £300 per day.

Group mindful and therapeutic photography workshops and courses

I can arrange a mindful photography workshop or course for your group, service users, clients, students or staff that are bespoke to suit your needs, interests and location. Walks can be for any client group wanting to improve their photography skills as well as wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

Examples include people living with mental health challenges, dementia, young people, families, schools or staff as part of a team building exercise. Generally groups are 4-10 participants and can be for 2 hours, half a day, a full day, or a series of sessions over a period of days or weeks.

Cost: Price varies according to time, participant numbers and type of organisation. Concessions, charity and not-for-profit rates available.

Mindful and therapeutic photography workshops and courses for schools

Mindful and therapeutic photography workshops for schools link with the national curriculum through art, science, geography, numeracy, English, and D&T and can contribute towards Art Council England’s Artsmark. They are tailor made to suit the needs of the school and the pupils.

In the workshops students will explore their relationship with themselves, each other and the natural and built environment of their school.

I also offer workshops for staff INSET training. This can be a great team building exercise. Please contact me for details.

Cost: Price varies according to time.

Contact me to make a booking

Contact me to talk about how I can develop a Look Again mindful and therapeutic photography workshop or course for you, your clients, your students or your staff.


Devon Partnership NHS Trust: a mindful and therapeutic photography workshop for people with dementia, who looked again at the Belvedere Ward garden at Franklyn Hospital, Exeter

“Ruth’s sensory approach to running a photography workshop for people living with dementia was a great success. She created a cohesive, shared group experience which enabled everyone to feel ‘grounded’, with a heightened sense of awareness of ‘being in the moment’. Participants demonstrated the ability to make creative decisions and aesthetic choices, expressing these both verbally and through the camera lens.
Outcomes included improved mood, increased self-esteem, improved engagement in other activities and social interaction, increased awareness amongst staff of the person’s ‘story’, positive response from relatives on seeing that their loved one had been engaged in meaningful creative activity, and sharing good practice with others through an exhibition and publicity, thus challenging negative perceptions of people with dementia.” Carrie Clarke, Occupational Therapist

Crisis: A three-day photography workshop working with people experiencing homelessness in Oxford. We looked again at the theme of living and dying as part of the Kicking the Bucket Festival

“Ruth is skilled at recognising the creative potential in every participant in her workshops. She genuinely appreciates each participant’s images equally, a rare gift. Participants really responded to her recognition of each individual and grew over the course of the three days in confidence, and self esteem. One participant in particular had struggled to even stay in the room in the beginning, but by the end was making comments about her own work – a remarkable change.” Rebecca Burton

“Great project! Great method of teaching! Fully enjoyed it, everything about it! The course has not only helped me learn about photography but also how I think about my life. It will help me move forward with me life!!!” Howling Mad Wolfman, participant

“Inspiration is what’s left with me. It’s always good learning something new in life. I’ve developed looking and thinking about things around me.” Trang Ha, participant

“Looking again was calming and relaxing, taking a holiday from stress.” Martin Blackwell, participant

Stroud District Council: three mini workshops as part of the staff’s Mental Health Week programme

“The experience reminded me to look at things twice before making a judgment. It encouraged me to look at things differently and with a open mind.” Participant

Gastrells Primary School, Stroud

“Outdoor learning allows the environment to support the children’s development, both academic and social, complementing the work which occurs in the classroom.” Katie Merriman, Head Teacher

“We like it because it allows you to go outside and be near nature and see things you would not get to see every day normally – and it means you don’t feel trapped inside. It’s nice to go outside and be in the fresh air.” Emily & Georgia, pupils

Gloucestershire Arts for Schools

“I can recommend Ruth as committed, sincere, thorough, hard working, a good people person and fun to be with. She is a talented photographer and has organised workshops to pass on her skills to others. She has completed two workshops working with the Link Children’s Centre, run by Barnardos, in Gloucester where she worked with the mothers, expanding their skills with the camera and later in the session bringing in the children to be photographed by their mums. She was a great hit with everyone concerned – mothers and children and with the organisers at the Link Children’s Centre. I would highly recommend her both as a photographer and to run workshops to pass on her skills.” Fran Webber, Director