Mindful and therapeutic photography walks

On a Look Again mindful photography walk you will slow down, relax and use mindfulness to look again at the world around you. Whenever possible walks are held in nature and very much focus on looking, looking again and actually seeing. You will learn to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary; you will learn to see with new eyes.

The photography side of things is kept simple, low tech and fun and you can use any device you choose, from a mobile phone, tablet or an SLR camera. You may choose to simply use your eyes.

Who are mindful and therapeutic photography walks for?

The walks are run for individuals, groups, service users and staff. They can be adapted to suit any level of ability or age.

Benefits of mindful and therapeutic photography walks

As well as improve your actual photography skills, the walks will help you

  • Improve mood and self-esteem
  • Reduce stress and increase ability to relax
  • Improve social interaction
  • Improve mental and physical fitness
  • Improve focus and observation skills

One-to-one mindful photography walks

I arrange mindful photography walks for individuals at appropriate location and together we decide if there is a certain interest, project or area that you would like to explore.

Cost: £60 per hour, £175 per half day, £300 per day. Concessions available.

Group mindful photography walks

We can arrange mindful photography walks for your group, clients, or staff that are bespoke to suit your needs, interests and location. Walks can be for any client group wanting to improve their photography skills and/or their health and wellbeing.

Examples include people living with mental health challenges, dementia, young people, families, or staff as part of a team building exercise. Generally groups are 4-10 participants and can be for 1 hour to 2 hours, half a day, or a full day.

Cost: Price varies according to time, participant numbers and type of organisation. Concessions, charity and not-for-profit rates available.

Happy mindful photography walkers

From a series of walks with the National Trust on Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire:

“I loved the creative approach, the ‘thinking’ elements, the walking, the sitting, the sharing. I like the fact it was less about F stops and more about getting involved, and trying things out.” Paula Jones

“Seeing the photo has always been my difficulty and this helped me.” David Calvert

“It gave be a different view on looking and how to frame a photograph.” Bogdan Wasylkin

From a walk focusing on looking at colour and texture in nature at Hawkwood College in Stroud, for Stroud International Textiles:

“A friendly, gentle, mindful approach to photography in a fantastic setting. Lots of individual attention, ‘techy’ stuff explained as needed, plenty of time doing.” Adie Risborough

“The combination of fresh air, varied landscape and the textiles and objects that we brought along worked really well. We were relaxed, focused and had fun!” Sarah Hughes

From a one-to-one walk across Minchinhampton Common near Stroud:

“A huge thank you Ruth. The one-to-one walk was so enjoyable and fun. At the end of it I felt liberated. I was impressed by the thoughtful way you structured the session and really like the visualisation. I learnt a great deal and feel more confident about using the camera.” Ahrabella Heabe Lewis

Contact me to make a booking

Please contact me to find out more and to make a booking. I really look forward to helping you look again at the world around you.