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Weekend of Creative and Spiritual Renewal

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Last weekend I attended the Living Arts and Craft Gathering, a collaboration between Renewal Arts and Buddhafield, held on the edge of Dartmoor. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow creatives interested in the environmental awareness, community, and spiritual renewal. I was honoured to be asked to run a Look Again photography workshop as well as present a talk on a discussion panel on “How to earn a living whilst maintaining artistic integrity”. I met some great artists: Stephen Stockbridge, Tasha Elena, Chris Cudlip and Jack Lynch, Nicolette, and loads of others… sorry I’m rubbish at names.

The photos above capture my relationship with the land. From compost loos, tents, a cosmic walk lead by Tim Firth, land art, food leftovers and celebration.

Thanks Tim, Elizabeth, John, Sheila, Shaktigara, Nicole, Lou Lou, Chris, Jack, Abi, Stephen and my long lost mate from Uni Claire (re-united after 20 years!!) for all contributing to a really refreshing weekend. I look forward to developing further connections.


Seeing with New Eyes – Workshop for Educators


My associate Nikki Simpson and I were funded by Create Gloucestershire to run a pilot photography based workshop for educators. It was supported by Gastrells Primary School and Stroud Valleys Artspace. The aim was to share ideas and skills that could be easily passed on to children and teachers alike within any educational setting. Participants included teachers from Gastrells, two home education parents and a teacher from Milestone Special School in Gloucester. We had a great day seeing the world in front of us with new eyes. Using photography we looked again at made and natural objects and the relationship between the natural and built environment of the school, as well as at each other. We all learnt a lot. Here are some testimonials from the workshop participants:

“This workshop will help me try out new ways of engaging children with themselves, others and their environment”, Liz Bailey, Milestone Special School.

“We will benefit from using the camera more to gather evidence of learning and from using photography as a gateway to writing”, Ian Rimmer, Gastrells Primary School.

” The workshop has helped me see the need for all of us to have an expressive outlook and to see how we can let individuals have the chance to find something new and exciting. Also, the benefit of of using photography as evidence in education and learning”, Steve Goodwin, Gastrells Primary School

“I enjoyed the use of silence and self reflection at the beginning – a bold challenge in the school environment. The ideas and activities were very useful”, Ben Jarlett, home educating parent.

“I loved the treasure hunt project, experimenting with taking photos and getting feedback on pictures. You made welcome different backgrounds and interests. I feel more confident with designing projects based on photography. I can’t wait to do a workshop with the children I hang out with!”, Jo McAndrews, home educating parent.