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Weekend of Creative and Spiritual Renewal

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Last weekend I attended the Living Arts and Craft Gathering, a collaboration between Renewal Arts and Buddhafield, held on the edge of Dartmoor. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow creatives interested in the environmental awareness, community, and spiritual renewal. I was honoured to be asked to run a Look Again photography workshop as well as present a talk on a discussion panel on “How to earn a living whilst maintaining artistic integrity”. I met some great artists: Stephen Stockbridge, Tasha Elena, Chris Cudlip and Jack Lynch, Nicolette, and loads of others… sorry I’m rubbish at names.

The photos above capture my relationship with the land. From compost loos, tents, a cosmic walk lead by Tim Firth, land art, food leftovers and celebration.

Thanks Tim, Elizabeth, John, Sheila, Shaktigara, Nicole, Lou Lou, Chris, Jack, Abi, Stephen and my long lost mate from Uni Claire (re-united after 20 years!!) for all contributing to a really refreshing weekend. I look forward to developing further connections.


Look Again at the Sky

Sky 1Sky 2Sky 3Sky 4

Cashes Green Hospital, Stroud: Demolition Part 1


Here are some more photos of the Cashes Green Hospital development site in Stroud. See blog post for pre demolition photos. Myself and local artist Lis Parker are planning a site specific community arts and photography project, “The Art of Applewood”, in partnership with Gloucestershire Land for People, Kevin McCloud’s (from Grand Designs) Haboakus, Greensquare, Home & Communities Agency and the local parish council. More to follow shortly…


Project: From Hospital to Home, the Art of Applewood


This was one of the most exciting shoots I have been on so far – I even got to wear a hard hat and high vis jacket! Around the corner from where I live, the Cashes Green Hospital site is in the process of being redeveloped into a new housing project, spearheaded by Kevin McCloud’s (from Grand Designs) company Haboakus, in partnership with Gloucestershire Land for People. The aim is to redevelop the site to provide 78 new homes along with a variety of outdoor spaces including allotments, communal kitchen gardens, shared and private gardens, and wilder spaces for wildlife and residents to enjoy. I am hoping to get involved with the project in various ways: using photography as a tool to engage with the existing and new residents of the neighbourhood, as well as document the process of the project. Revisit the blog to find out more soon! Also see current projects.

Half Mile Walk after School

Last week I had my camera with me as I walked to collect my son from school. I’d been on the computer all day and was desperate to enjoy the outdoors. On our way to a mate’s house I got my camera out and started to Look Again at what was along the road. This is what I saw.


Spring is Coming

Spring is everywhere: look up, look down – look again

Looking Again at Stroudwater Canal

I desperately needed a walk and found myself looking again at what is usually a very familiar walk along the canal. I love what I saw for the first time. I hope to have an exhibition of my canal photos at the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre in 2014.

Women Photographers Highlighted

This beautiful photographic diary , is contributing to the Firecracker Photographic Grant which will be awarded in autumn 2012 to a woman photographer born in or residing in Europe, to assist with a photographic project. I love it – especially Mona Simon’s work on Romanian gypsies, a special interest of mine. For further information on Firecracker and the featured photographers visit