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Project: From Hospital to Home, the Art of Applewood


This was one of the most exciting shoots I have been on so far – I even got to wear a hard hat and high vis jacket! Around the corner from where I live, the Cashes Green Hospital site is in the process of being redeveloped into a new housing project, spearheaded by Kevin McCloud’s (from Grand Designs) company Haboakus, in partnership with Gloucestershire Land for People. The aim is to redevelop the site to provide 78 new homes along with a variety of outdoor spaces including allotments, communal kitchen gardens, shared and private gardens, and wilder spaces for wildlife and residents to enjoy. I am hoping to get involved with the project in various ways: using photography as a tool to engage with the existing and new residents of the neighbourhood, as well as document the process of the project. Revisit the blog to find out more soon! Also see current projects.

Look Again supports the Eradicate Ecocide Campaign



On Saturday 10 March, I was honoured to support the Eradicate Ecocide Campaign. The campaign is to set up a new earth law to save generations from war and work towards peace.  Polly Higgins, international human rights lawyer and founder of the campaign gave a recorded presentation to an audience of over 200 at the Sub Rooms in Stroud. The fast growing campaign team all took part in the event. Trish Dickinson hosted a ‘Conversation Cafe’  where the audience discussed their feelings and thoughts about what they had learnt and committed to actions to take the campaign forward. Simon Hamilton from the Hamilton Group also addressed the gathering. Local singing group Eco Voices sang an Earth Chant, and we were priviledged to hear Tessa and Keith McGinn.


Look Again Supports 1625 Independent People, Bristol

 Look Again 1625 IP-5971.jpg_MG_6065.jpg Look Again 1625 IP-6053.jpg_MG_6094.jpg Look Again 1625 IP-6071.jpg
Last week I was asked by the Media Trust in Bristol to support the 1625 Independent People organisation by offering to take photos at a Money Matters workshop that was sponsored by Barclays Bank.  The workshop was led by inspiring ‘Money Champion’, Mike, who spoke from personal experience of learning to manage money better and live more independently.  Local MP Jack Lopresti  attended as did Holly Draper (National Youth Agency), Cathy Brown (Community Investment Manager SW, Barclays Bank), John Shaw (Director of Housing, South Glos Council) and Julie Close (Director Southern Brook). It was a great experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to support 1625 IP.

Half Mile Walk after School

Last week I had my camera with me as I walked to collect my son from school. I’d been on the computer all day and was desperate to enjoy the outdoors. On our way to a mate’s house I got my camera out and started to Look Again at what was along the road. This is what I saw.


Look Again Social Launch at Stroud Brewery

A few months ago, I was commissioned to Look Again at Stroud Brewery and when I was thinking about where to have a social to celebrate the launch of Look Again, Stroud Brewery felt like the most appropriate place.


So if you would like to come along, meet lovely people, have a wonderful pint of  beer (Budding is my favourite, but I hear the seasonal Black Cat will be ready soon), please let me know. You will also experience Look Again’s way of using photography and film to help you see yourself, your business, your community and the world around you with a fresh perspective. Stroud Brewery are Sponsoring the event. Thanks Greg!

Tue 27 March 7.30 – 10.00pm (brief presentation at 8.00)

Stroud Brewery, Unit 11, off Hope Lane, London Road, Thrupp, Stroud, GL5 2BU

10 free pints so get there early! 

Please RSVP by contacting me as places are limited.